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Morganite Meaning and Healing Properties

The first five words that come to mind when holding and feeling into the energy of Morganite are: Compassion, Love, Emotional Release, Empathy, and Soothing.

Story: Throughout my entire pregnancy I have been attracted to all pink crystals: rhodochrosite, morganite, pink opal, pink tourmaline, and rose quartz. All of these crystals have a soft gentle energy to them that I feel has been perfect for creating a loving bond with our son. Morganite has opened my heart to feel more compassion and love towards myself and others. I have noticed how it's allowed me to feel more whole as well.

To Use: If your intention is to open your heart to feel more compassion, love, and empathy towards others. Use morganite on your heart during a meditation or throughout your day. During your meditation, as you hold the morganite on your heart, imagine a bright pink light on your heart expanding from your heart throughout your body. Ask the universe to show you in ways that you can show up for yourself or others in a more loving, compassionate, empathetic way. As you go about your day be aware of the signs that are guiding you to be more compassionate and loving and act on them.

Hardness: 7.5-8
Precautions: Morganite is sensitive to sunlight, so when choosing what method to use when cleansing or charging, you can choose sage, water, or the moonlight.

Morganite Healing Properties:

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac Signs: Taurus and Cancer
Element: Earth and Water

  • Opens your heart to feel more compassion, love, and empathy towards others.
  • Can help you recognize and heal old emotional patterns of judgement, fear, self-hatred, or manipulation.
  • Can help you reach self-actualization and alignment with your higher self.
  • Encourages more loving, healthy, and positive relationships.
  • Can help strengthen the physical heart.
  • Can provide emotional support during a heartbreak.
  • Helps you feel more love, peace, and support during times of grief.

Affirmation: "I am gentle and loving towards myself and others."

Crystal Pairings: Rhodonite or Emerald to open your heart to feel more unconditional love towards yourself and others. Rhodochrosite to help heal any emotional or traumatic wounds surrounding the heart center. Pink opal to promote feeling more compassionate and empathy towards others. Rose Quartz as a companion to use during times of grief or heartbreak. Malachite for encouraging healthy relationships and releasing repressed emotions.

Where To Place In Your Home (Feng Shui):  Front Entry, for the intention of bringing in feelings of warmth, safety, and love.     

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All the Love,
Certified Advanced Crystal Practitioner 

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