Black Tourmaline Bracelet



You will receive one intuitively chosen, but may choose size at checkout.

Wrist size 6 1/2 in, Stretchy string.

Bead Sizes: 4mm, 8mm

Healing properties

Chakras: Root
Zodiac:  Libra
Spiritual Healing:
- Removes negative energy from the body and home
-Provides a shield for your aura to negative energy
-Cleanses and purifies toxic energy
-Increases spiritual growth and abundance
Physical Healing:
- Connects you to Mother Nature, allowing you to feel more grounded and centered
- Protects you from EMF
- Works to detoxify the body of all toxins and chemicals
-Said to boost the immune system
Emotional Healing:
- Encourages cooperation and optimism
- Reduces stressful and worried thinking
- Brings emotional stability
- Reduces or can remove suicidal thoughts and extreme fears
Affirmation: "I am protected on all levels."

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