Blue Apatite Mini Sphere Vial


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You will receive one intuitively chosen.

Average Size:
12g of spheres, 33 average, 6mm average size spheres

Healing properties

Chakras: Throat & Third-Eye
Zodiac:  Gemini
Spiritual Healing:
- Promotes psychic abilities
- Helps you remember and understand your past life
- Opens and balances the throat chakra
-Stimulates lucid dreaming
Physical Healing:
- Rebalances your body if you struggle with vertigo or dizziness
- Keeps one feeling youthful and increases vitality
- Can suppress your apatite, to help you lose weight
- Heals the heart and emotional disease
Emotional Healing:
- Can help with mental confusion and seeing the truth
- Improves overall self-worth and confidence
- Helps you speak your truth and speak with confidence in a social setting
- Positive mindset
Affirmation: "I am open to receiving Divine wisdom and knowledge ."

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