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Clear Quartz Chakra Bracelet


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You will receive one intuitively selected.

-Red Jasper
-Yellow Aventurine
-Green Aventurine
-Clear Quartz

Bead size: 8mm
Wrist size 6 1/2 in with stretchy string

Healing properties

Chakras: Third-Eye & Crown
Zodiac: Aquarius
Spiritual Healing:
-Called the "healer of people, animals, and plants"
-Brings in greater connection to your angels and Higher Power
-Boosts psychic abilities and intuition
-Enhances meditation
Physical Healing:
-Reduces migraines and headaches
-Can help you overcome addictions, OCD, or any recurring thought patterns
-Helps you fall and stay asleep at night
- Due to the high iron content, it can improve your oxygen levels in the body
Emotional Healing:
-Reduces stress and anxiety
-Shifts your negative thought pattern into positive ones and the energy around you
-Helps you recognize the root cause of negative thoughts and behaviors
-Can help you overcome feeling like you are less or different than the rest of the world
Affirmation: "I am calm, peaceful, and relaxed throughout my mind, body, and soul."


Chakra: Throat & Third-Eye
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Spiritual Healing:
- Provides deep insight into self
- Increases intuition and understanding of that “gut feeling”
- Stimulates lucid dreaming
- Helps you move beyond your ego

Physical Healing:
- Improves memory and mental fog
- Balances blood pressure and flow
- Works to heal the lymphatic system, immune system, and vocal cords
- Balances the metabolism

Emotional Healing:
- Promotes self-expression and enhances communication
- Balances the mind and emotions
- Great for calming the mind and releasing anger
- Provides mental clarity, to speak rationally and truthfully

Affirmation: “I am calm, relaxed, and all is well.”

Chakras: Throat, Third-Eye, & Crown
Zodiac: Pisces
Spiritual Healing:
-Facilitates the rebirthing process
-Connects you to angelic guidance and healing`
-Enhances your meditation
- Balances and aligns your throat chakra
Physical Healing:
-Promotes a peaceful sleep provided by angels
-Supports the throat, alleviating inflammation and balancing in the thyroid
-Supports healthy  and strong bones
- Can alleviate inflammation in the throat and lungs
Emotional Healing:
-Promotes positive communication with others and self
-Brings peace and silence to your mind
-Brings positive thoughts about your body  weight
-Emotional connection to your angels
Affirmation: "I am at peace within."

Green Aventurine:
Chakras: Heart
Zodiac: Virgo
Spiritual Healing:
- Attracts luck and wealth
- Opens you to receiving energy in abundance
- Helps you to be more present at the moment
- Connects you to what truly matters, releasing negative attachments to others/things
Physical Healing:
- Can be good for the muscles, lungs, and heart
- Reduces clumsiness
- Improves overall wellbeing and health
- Increases physical vitality
Emotional Healing:
- Helps with relaxation and soothes emotions
- Removes negative thoughts and emotions
- Helps you to feel optimistic and motivated again
-Increases leadership and decision-making skills
Affirmation: "Any emotional wounds are healed."

Chakras: Sacral
Zodiac:  Virgo
Spiritual Healing:
- Boosts the vibration of love
- Sparks creativity
- Provides protection and towards hostile and negative energy
- Boosts abundance of love and light in one's home
Physical Healing:
- Boosts libido, passion, and motivation
- Improves circulation and purifies the blood
- Aids with fertility
- Provides peace during menstrual and menopausal symptoms
Emotional Healing:
- Restores vitality
- Helps one overcome their eating disorder and disordered thinking
- Helps you set boundaries
- Increases self-confidence and self-worth
Affirmation: "As I embrace my boys and passion, this world becomes a reflection of my very best."

Red Jasper:

Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, & Scorpio
Spiritual Healing:
- Grounding
- Increases life force (prana) while stabilizing your auric field
- Helps you set boundaries of others
- Replenishes your auric and energetic field

Physical Healing:
- Increases energy, stamina, and physical strength
- Detoxifies liver, circulatory system, and bile ducts
- Helps one recover more quickly after a sickness or surgery
- Can help replenish muscles after workouts

Emotional Healing:
- Helps smooth upset feelings and calm your emotions
- Balances your emotional equilibrium
- Works to release feelings of guilt, shame, or regret
- Helps one enjoy life more by becoming more present at the moment

Affirmation: “I am grounded and present within each and every moment.”

Clear Quartz:

Chakras: Crown
Zodiac:  Leo
Spiritual Healing:
- Amplifies energetic, crystal, and intentional vibrations
- Protects you against negative energy
- Connects you to your higher self or Divine
- Ability to amplify and transform energy in all of technology
- Considered the "master healer"
- Can help one manifest quicker than ever
Physical Healing:
- Stimulates the immune system
- Brings vitality, energy, and restoration to your health 3
- Pain reliever
- Stimulates the nervous system
Emotional Healing:
- Boosts memory
- Amplifies emotions
Affirmation: "I am fully connected to my Higher Self & Higher Power."

Yellow Aventurine:

-Solar Plexus Chakra
-Helps you release any sense of doubt
-Helps with balance and optimism
-Releases a sense of guilt especially with trauma
-Gives you trust in yourself and self confidence



You will receive one intuitively selected.

-Red Jasper
-Yellow Aventurine
-Green Aventurine
-Clear Quartz

Bead size: 8mm
Wrist size 6 1/2 in with stretchy string

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 cm