High Quality Chrysocolla Malachite Freeform - #2


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Size: 3 x 3 in, 348g

Locality: Congo

Healing properties


Chakras: Heart & Throat
Zodiac:  Saggitarius
Spiritual Healing:
- Creates world and inner peace
- Enhances intuition and psychic abilities
- Encourages us to speak our Divine truth
- Brings energetic flow, to "go with the flow" of life
Physical Healing:
- Lowers PMS symptoms
- Releases stress, anxiety, worry, and tension in the body
- Strengthens the thyroid and respiratory system
-Assists in replenishing and restoring the adrenal glands
Emotional Healing:
- Helps one show their vulnerable feelings towards others
- Helps you recover from abusive violence from another partner
-Allows one to communicate from the heart
-Gets rid of guilt, which allows room for more joy and happiness
Affirmation: "I am at peace within."


Chakras: Heart
Zodiac: Taurus
Spiritual Healing:
- Great for empaths, removing excess negative energy that isn't yours
- Attunes, activates, and balances the chakras
- Stone of transformation, helping you get through big changes in your life
- Increases positive light and vibrations for the auric field
Physical Healing:
- Boosts immune system and eliminates infections and sinus blockages
- Protects you from all types of radiation
- Provides and restores strength and vitality
-Detoxifies the body
Emotional Healing:
- Heals emotional abuse, especially childhood
- Encourages healthy relationships based on love and compassion
- Increases unconditional love
- Releases repressed emotions stored in the subconscious mind
Affirmation: "I welcome positive transformation in my life."

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