High Quality Larimar Sphere - #46


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Size: 38mm
Weight: 88g


Healing properties

Chakras: Heart & Throat
Zodiac: Cancer
Spiritual Healing:
- Aids in being able to see who you truly are
- Encourages positive communication on an energetic level
- Connects one to the energy of a Goddess
-Brings energetic balance and harmony for the soul
Physical Healing:
- Can be healing for the hair and feet
- Supports a healthy thyroid and thymus glands
- Reduces PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, and stress in the body
- Provides healing of the heart
Emotional Healing:
- Said to aid in the release from addictions in the material world
- Helps to deal with guilt, fear, and aggression
-  Breaks down emotional walls, releasing the emotional blockages from the heart
- Calms and brings nurturing to self
Affirmation: "I am calm and embrace change."

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