High Quality Rainbow Lemurian Sphere - #1


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You will receive this exact one.

Size: 4.1 pounds, 108mm

Locality: Brazil

Healing properties

Chakras: Crown
Zodiac: Gemini
Spiritual Healing:
- Improves one's quality of life
- Expands the light within
- Speeds up manifestation
- Perfect for using during Reiki healing sessions
Physical Healing:
- Incredibly healing for the physical body after surgery or trauma
- Helps those who struggle with PTSD
- Reduces inflammation and pain
- Supports a healthy immune system
Emotional Healing:
- Calms the mind, bringing peace and tranquility
- Brings greater connection to self
- Provides emotional healing for extreme traumas
- Provides oneness when overwhelmed with feelings of detachment
Affirmation: "I am connected to a divine source of information."

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