Lapis Lazuli Sphere


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Size: 35-40mm, 3.8 oz

Healing properties

Chakras: Throat & Third-Eye
Zodiac: Libra
Spiritual Healing:
- Boosts psychic abilities
- Connects and gives you deeper insight into your past lives
- Brings one to a higher awareness of self
- Enhances visualization during your meditation
Physical Healing:
- Supports a healthy endocrine, nervous, and immune system
- Can relieve insomnia
- Enhances higher cognitive thinking
- Can reduce pain and inflammation in the body
Emotional Healing:
- Encourages mental endurance, wisdom, and creativity
- Can relieve depression
- Aids in relaxation, healthy relationships, and balance
- Brings inner peace and tranquility
Affirmation: "I speak with ease and confidence."

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