Moldavite Faceted Small Pendant


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Size: 0.34 in x .3 in, average 2 grams

Healing properties

Chakras: Heart, Third-Eye, & Crown
Zodiac: All
Spiritual Healing:
- Stone of transformation and manifestation
- Extremely high vibrational textile, raising one's vibrations to a new level quickly
- Extremely powerful and is known to give you an energetic flush
- Increases kundalini energy
-Enhances one's dream state, great for lucid dreaming
-Connects you to your guides and angels
Physical Healing:
- Helps those who struggle with asthma, allergies, or rashes
- Only use if you are ready to bring up the roots of your imbalances because it will create a healing "crisis"
Emotional Healing:
- Removes fears and doubts
- Brings to the surface emotional trauma that is needed to heal physical diseases
- Radiates love with self and those around you
-Increases power and will
Affirmation: "I am always manifesting abundance and prosperity into my life."

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