Raw Celestite


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Size: 8-12oz, 2-3 in average

Locality: Madagascar

Healing properties

Chakras: Throat & Third-Eye
Zodiac:  Gemini
Spiritual Healing:
- Connects you to your Divinity, angels, and higher realms
- Intensives your spirituality and experience
- Attracts good luck and fortune
- Stimulates clairvoyant communication
Physical Healing:
- Brings peace and harmony to the body
- Relieves symptoms located in the ears, mouth, head, nose, and throat
- Reduces inflammation and pain in the body
-Assists in digestive disorders that are caused by stress
Emotional Healing:
- Removes fears of flying, agoraphobia, and speaking in public or large crowds
- Reduces acute anxiety states
- Brings inner peace and tranquility to the mind
- Balances your emotions
Affirmation: "Eternal love and light fills my soul."

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