Raw Pink Amethyst- #3


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Size: 81g, 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 in

Locality: Brazil

Healing properties

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Pisces
Spiritual Healing:
- Promotes lucid dreaming
- Frees us from our karmic cycle
- Provides protection from negative energy
- A great stone for meditation, bringing you into a deeper state of consciousness
Physical Healing:
- Strengthens the heart
- Can release physical and emotional pain
- Boosts production of hormones
- Helps you overcome addictions
Emotional Healing:
- Removes all doubts involved within a relationship
- Brings feelings of compassion, love, and forgiveness
- Provides relief and peace during overwhelming situations
- Promotes unconditional love of self and others
Affirmation: “I love myself unconditionally.”

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