Rhodochrosite Lotus Flower



ONE High Quality Rhodochrosite Lotus Flower from Argentina
You will receive one intuitively selected. You choose size at checkout.

Average Sizes:
XS- 1/2 in, 7g
S- 3/4 in, 9g
M- 7/8 in, 18g
L- 1 in, 25g
XL- 1 1/4 in, 35g

Healing properties

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Scorpio
Spiritual Healing:
- Increases vibrations of love and peace to your auric field
- Provides healing during or of our childhood years and past traumas
- Enhances your creativity, sparking new ideas and explorations

Physical Healing:
- Encourages a healthy spleen, heart, kidneys, and circulation
- Boosts memory
-Aids in healthy development for babies
- Increases libido
-Balances the Nervous System

Emotional Healing:
- Promotes courage, love, and passion
- Great for bringing in vibrations of self-love
- Brings repressed emotions and trauma to the surface, to be healed
- Increases feelings of self-confidence and forgiveness of self

Affirmation: “I am perfectly capable of loving myself unconditionally.”

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