Rose Quartz Point



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Average Sizes:

S- 1-2 oz, 2 1/4 in tall
M- 2-3oz, 2 1/2 in tall
L- 3-4 oz, 3 in tall


Healing properties

Zodiac: Taurus
Spiritual Healing:
- Immerses the mind, body, and soul with the vibration of love
- Releases negative energy and refills it with loving energy
- Connects your spiritually to loving angels and angelic realms
- Enhances affirmations that are repeated during meditation

Physical Healing:
- Brings physical healing to all areas of the heart
- Helps men and women get through their mid-life crisis
- Works to balances and heal any chest, lungs, circulatory, or thymus imbalances
- Increases fertility

Emotional Healing:
- Increases feelings of the unconditional love of self and others
- Helps one overcome abuse and heartache
- Promotes forgiveness of others and self
- Increases feelings of overall happiness and joy

Affirmation: “I am loved unconditionally.”

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