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Change your life with the power of healing crystals

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Setting an intention while using your stones will help amplify your transformation and allow you to become your most authentic self.

Confidence & Acceptance
Energy & Vitality
Balance & Wellness
Intuition & Spirituality
Love & Happiness
Manifestation & Abundance
Peace & Harmony
Pregnancy & Intimacy
Protection & Grounding

Confidence & Acceptance

You are the most incredible version of yourself, and this collection of crystals will assist you in accepting, honoring, and loving yourself just as you are. Use these to help you unravel all of those blocks and barriers that have shielded you away from being your most authentic self.
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Energy & Vitality

Feeling energized, blissful, full of passion and desire is what we crave and long for. This selection of crystals will help you feel an increase in energy, stamina, joy, passion, vitality, and physical strength.
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Balance & Wellness

Life is all about balance in order to achieve optimal health and wellness. This collection of crystals will assist you in balancing your yin and yang, chakras, and guidance to achieve feeling whole.
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Intuition & Spirituality

Through any part of your spiritual journey, this selection of crystals will help you awaken your intuition, spark creativity, ignite a spiritual awakening, and deepen your connection with your spiritual guides.
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Love & Happiness

Love and happiness are one of the highest vibrations that you can feel while in your physical body. This selection of crystals will help you open and heal your heart to feel unconditional love towards yourself, others, and life.
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Manifestation & Abundance

When manifesting and attracting abundance into our lives, we must raise our vibrations, ask the universe, and let go of any limiting beliefs we have tied to our greatest desires. This collection of crystals will assist you in manifesting and attracting more abundance at a faster and more amplified rate.
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Peace & Harmony

If you are feeling stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, anxious, or overcome by irrational fears, this collection of crystals will bring you back into the present moment allowing you to feel peace, relaxed, tranquility, and harmony.
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Pregnancy & Intimacy

Whether you're struggling with fertility, being pregnant, or your rommantic relationship, this selection of crystals will help spark the sacral chakra to bring balance, passion, intimacy, fertility, a healthy pregnancy, and encourage positive relationships.
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Protection & Grounding

Bad vibes are not welcome into your energy when you carry this selection of crystals with you. You will also feel grounded, safe, and present within your mind, body, and soul.
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Self-Love Challenge

At Loving Thyself Rocks, we are more than just a crystal shop! We also embody self-love and loving yourself unconditionally.

When was the last time you said “I Love Myself?"

Did you know… It is clinically proven that many physical and health problems stem from self-hatred, self-abandonment, self-betrayal, to name a few. Even if you feel as if you DO love yourself, it is still always a good reminder to say it out loud.

We here at Loving Thyself Rocks CHALLENGE YOU to start loving yourself (more) by taking our 30 Day Self-Love Challenge because “Loving Thyself Rocks!"

What Our Community is Saying

Holy cow!! This shop has completely went above and beyond in exceeding expectations!!! My package arrived so quickly. There are beautiful cards including the description and uses for the crystals. The quality of the crystals is just amazing. They are so beautiful and I can feel the loving energy coming off of them. I will be shopping here a lot more. Thank you so so much!!

- Josh

I always love everything I purchase from LTR! Shipping is fast and everything is always packaged wonderfully. Also, with this order LTR gifted me two beautiful pieces of labradorite! This will always be my go to crystal shop!

- Shelby

Perfect little lepidolite sphere. Authentic and good quality. I love everything I’ve received from this shop, highly recommend!

- Kat

I am beyond happy with my purchase. Great quality and definitely authentic moldavite. I am excited to have moldavite and the energy of positive transformation around me.

- Grace

LTR is amazing! I bought many stones and loved them all! Truly amazing and highly recommend!!

- Kristina

my partner and i absolutely loved everything i ordered. gifted a friend with the pyrite and the card he now uses holds on to every day. also referred another friend after i showed him what i purchased. will be ordering more soon. thank you so much!

- Leandra

OMG!!! I cannot say enough about this piece of jewelry! It is gorgeous and has made my spiritual journey come along even further with the short amount of time that I have had it! I cannot wait to buy another piece!!!

- Bri

I have ordered about 4 times now, they have amazing prices and even better products!

- Hayleigh

LTR has been a huge impact. From learning about crystals and their healing effects to wherever I’m in need of some positivity I go right to your page! I absolutely adore the LTR Fam!

- Britt

I bought my first piece of moldavite from you about a year ago, and moldavite from you about a year ago, and love everything I’ve ever ordered from you! Love the energy of your crystals, and your Instagram pictures.

- Lisa

I think you are one of my absolute face sellers of my fave things in the World! I also aspire to have the love you guys so obviously share.

- Hailey

You guys have brought me back to one of my true passions, and are providing me with tools to overcome anything. My 2 year old son loves, and appreciates them as much as I do. He clearly feels the healing benefits. Forever grateful for you guys

- Taylor

This page has honestly impacted my life more than any other site/page I’ve been to. Because of LTR I found my love of crystals. Because of this page I’ve never felt more connected to myself, I’m more at peace, I have better understanding of the world around me. Everything feels a little lighter now that I have these crystals and meditation tools. Because of LTR I know I am enough and I am happy with the person I am. I am proud of myself every day.

- Maddie

Loving Thyself Rocks has been so positive and helpful! For me, the number one positive thing is understanding how to use crystals to manifest specific things from the universe and change your mindset to focus on manifesting rather than everything else. I see everything in such a more positive way

- Sara

Loving Thyself Rocks brought me into manifestation and introduced me to Moldavite! Most positive thing I can ever learn.

- Ivoria

I have always been an advocate of self-love, and you guys have been such an amazing “sign” that it’s not bad to look after oneself, to give some time to oneself, to give some time to oneself, while taking care and loving others. I am currently our faimly’s breadwinner so this means a lot to me.

- Paula Gorda

This is my absolute FAVORITE piece I've ever bought. It's stunning and just the right size. Much more pretty and pink in person, photos don't do it justice!

- Cenpyla

I was so thrilled to get this howlite moon bowl. It is such good quality, absolutely stunning, just love it so much. You can feel the positive energy just radiating off it. This store has such positive energy, all the stuff that comes from here is just super. I love the cards that come with the items you order to let you more more about the crystal's or mineral's qualities. I could easily spend all my money at this shop and they get everything shipped really quickly. BRAVO!!!!! A++++++++

- Michele

Great energy and a good size for my friend who just recently got into crystals..:-)..Highly recommend this Seller!..Every piece I’ve bought from this shop has had incredible energy/vibration!..:-)

- Jessica

I love ordering from LovingThyselfRocks! Their crystals are great quality, always intuitively chosen with love and they package with love. This is definitely my go to for crystals! I love my chakra set and already feel the great energy!

- Laura

LTR is my absolute favorite place to get crystals. You have the rarest and most beautiful pieces and incredibly positive energy! Because of LTR, my crystal collection is abundant and they add so much color and positive vibes to my life. You guys are my number one resource for crystals, meditation, and all around positivity.

- Cleo

Every crystal I've gotten from you guys is absolutely amazing and carries such good vibes. Just got my Rose Quartz point in and i'm so in love. Thank YOU!

- Kayla

LTR gives me happiness througout my day, whether thats their crystals, energy, messages, or live sales. I am so incredibly greateful for them and the energy they share.

- Elizabeth

Since I started using LTR's crystals daily, it has helped me stop negative self talk, opened me up to learn to love myself for exactly as I am, and futher propell me into continuing my quest into manifestation! I am so greatful for your LTR challenge on the back of your business cards, it has made a huge impact in how I love myself. You guys rock...Your Crystals ROCK!

- Mrs. C

You guys supplied my with my first blue lace agate crystal that helped me get through a very anxious period of my life. Thank you so much Rachel & Joel!

- Walker

I just wanted to say the most MASSIVE thank you to you guys. Since purchasing your crystals, my life has forever changed for the better. I have learned so much about self-love and love for others. I've achieved my wildest dreams. I bought a home and a car, got engaged, and am now a college graduate! I will forever have so much love and gratitude for you both.

- Paige

I am obsessed with my new earrings! They feel incredible. The shipping was incredibly fast, and they came wonderfully packaged. The seller included an extra little gift, and I am incredibly grateful.

- Kristen

These singing lemurians are seriously the best! the vibration is so clear, I really get such an amazing reflection of myself through them. Thanks so much for having such an awesome deal for so many! Can't recommend buying from this seller enough!

- Nathan