Our Story

Our Story

The Faces behind Loving Thyself Rocks:

The owners of Loving Thyself Rocks are Rachel (myself) and Joel (my husband), happily married since Aug, 2019 (cheers to the newlyweds!). We met back in 2013 through mutual friends.

I was always a nerd and wanted to be a Doctor growing up. I went to school and graduated with my Bachelors in Health and Physical Science. Former Orlando Magic Dancer for 4 years and Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen 2011. My entire life was revolved around making others happy around me and "playing the part." One day I fell extremely ill and no doctors could tell what was wrong. My spiritual journey began here. I found a sense of connection to the world, a calm and peace feeling through the practice of Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, and Crystals.

Joel is a former United States Marine who served 6 years in the Corps. Semper Fi. He went to school for Business and graduated with his bachelors in Business and Information Management. Joel always had an entrepreneur drive. From the day he graduated high school he was coming up with business ideas so he never had to "have a boss". He too, went through his challenges. He was addicted to alcohol for many years as it was a common issue with his family. During my lowest of lows he also suffered extreme darkness. One day he all of a sudden quit drinking and never looked back. We both turned our lives around through the power of Meditation, Yoga, Crystals, and Loving Ourselves FIRST. 

How it all began:

We met back in 2013 and soon after, fell in love. Our passions were similar at the time: school, work, travel, family, hang out, workout, play with the dogs. Life was good... until we both turned down a dark path of addiction and our lives began to crumble before us. I wound up in and out of the hospital leaving doctors clueless what was wrong. Joel was battling his addictions and we were both getting worse everyday. Through it all we stuck by each other. We battled and fought together. We made a promise to each other that we would lift one another up in times of trouble. We both needed help. I began therapy and natural ways of healing my life. Joel was stubborn and refused outside help initially. I started doing yoga, meditation, blogging, and eventually ended up meeting someone who would change my life forever. Lisa, my Reiki therapist, one day, laid me down and asked if she could place crystals on my chakras during her Reiki session. During the session I had a complete out of body experience and knew my life would never be the same. This was the beginning of my love and passion for crystals. The crystals along with Reiki lifted a darkness away from me and made me see the world through new eyes. At the same time Joel had defeated his addiction. He woke up one day and dropped everything and completely started over. From then on we were lifting each other up every day. We learned to Love Ourselves unconditionally. A few days after my experience, Joel walked in the door with a gift for me. My very first crystals! He found the most beautiful Amethyst trio at a local consignment shop and brought them home for me.

Our passion for crystals and Self-Love quickly turned into what it is today! Between my Science and Spiritual background and Joel's love for business and entrepreneurship, Loving Thyself Rocks was founded in 2018. I was blogging about crystals and self-love and selling chakra sets to beginner crystal lovers like myself learning more and more every day. Our business began to grow and grow. Joel eventually had to quit his job because we just couldn't keep up! Now our business is thriving, we have added an additional employee who (circling back to the very beginning) was the man that introduced me to Joel in 2013! Today, we are the happiest we have ever been sharing our passion for crystals across the globe! Our passion carries further than just crystals. We share a deep connection with Loving Yourself. The world needs more love and you can add to this by first loving yourself <3

We send you all so much love! Remember to ALWAYS Love Yourself First!

Rachel & Joel

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