Citrine Meaning and Healing Properties

Citrine Meaning and Healing Properties

The first five words that come to mind when holding and feeling into the energy of Citrine are empowerment, Confidence, Manifestation, Abundance, and Joy.

The first five wordsthat come to mind when holding and feeling into the energy of Citrine are: Empowerment, Confidence, Manifestation, Abundance, and Joy.

Story & How To Use:

Citrine has been one of my go-to stones for a very long time. Its energy is very high vibrational! I have noticed that I resonate with citrine the most during times where I am practicing being more confident and stepping into the unknown, manifesting my dreams, and radiating abundance. Currently during my pregnancy, I have been using it to feel and radiate more confidence in my own skin as my body goes through complete transformation in such a short amount of time. As someone who had an eating disorder at a very young age, old thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about my body began to come up again throughout this journey to meeting our son. Loving myself and my body has been a deep part of this process for me. Citrine has helped bring in the energy of confidence to love my body exactly as it is along the journey.

If you are working on confidence in any area of your life, wear citrine or meditate using citrine to let go of any self-doubt, fears, or negative beliefs about yourself and walk into freedom with confidence and courage!

Citrine Meaning and Healing Properties

Zodiac Signs

This crystal works well with the following Zodiac signs.

Crystal Details


"I am confident in my ability to step into my future goals and desires with courage and strength."

Crystal Pairings

Carnelian to stimulate creativity and new ideas. Pyrite to attract abundance into your life. Moldavite to speed up your manifestations. Bumblebee Jasper for a healthy digestive system. Golden Healer to boost self-confidence and personal power.

Feng Shui

Place citrine in your office space to bring in the energy of abundance, wealth and success. Your kitchen is also a great space to place citrine to bring in the energy of joy and creativity. 


Citrine using the following elemental properties: Fire

Healing Properties

  • Helps reduce fear, worry, or anxiety.
  • Can boost your self-confidence, personal power, and self-esteem.
  • Supports a healthy digestive system.
  • Promotes new perceptions, creativity, and ideas.
  • Helps you develop a positive attitude towards anything that life swings at you.
  • Radiates the energy of abundance and attracting abundance in every aspect your life.
  • Helps manifesting success and wealth.
  • Can guide us to our souls purpose in this life.
  • Helps release any old limiting beliefs you hold about yourself that are no longer serving your highest good.


This Crystal has the following Chakra properties: Solar Plexus

Intention: Confidence & Acceptance

You are the most incredible version of yourself, and this collection of crystals will assist you in accepting, honoring, and loving yourself just as you are. Use these to help you unravel all of those blocks and barriers that have shielded you away from being your most authentic self.

Intention: Manifestation & Abundance

When manifesting and attracting abundance into our lives, we must raise our vibrations, ask the universe, and let go of any limiting beliefs we have tied to our greatest desires. These crystals will assist you in manifesting and attracting more abundance at a faster rate.


MOHs Hardness:



Citrine can fade in prolonged light exposure, so when choosing what method to cleanse or charge your crystals 5-10 minutes of sunlight is fine, but other methods such as sage, palo santo, or sounds bowls are a better option to use!

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