Crystal Healing for Animals

Crystal Healing for Animals

Fun fact, I became the most passionate about crystals when I saw the impact it made on my dog Ruger's life. Dogs don't have access to meditation and the different tools we use in our every day life to create a better reality for ourselves. They rely on us for their every day needs. Before I tried using crystals on Ruger, I had tried every single pharmaceutical drug and holistic option out there for anxiety, the vet even tried heart medicine to try and calm him down. Theres no doubt that Ruger absolutely does better when we are around, we give him extra love, attention, and care that completely helps him relax and forget about his traumas. Even with all of that, he would typically shake uncontrollably during loud noises and when his humans left. One day I decided to work with crystals on Ruger. I intuitively grabbed two lepidolite palm stones, cleansed and charged them, set the intention, and held them on his temples. Within just a couple of minutes he went from painting and trembling to snoring in complete peace. With happy tears in my eyes and wholeness in my heart, I knew there was something extra special about crystals that I wanted to learn everything about, including how to work with them on animals.

I was a host in a recent podcast on The Doggy Diva Show, talking all about the benefits of how to use crystals in your daily life for your dogs overall wellbeing. Click Here to listen, it is episode 133!

I go into greater depth about animals chakras, understanding which chakras are overactive, underactive, or balanced, how to perform a healing session, crystal remedies, and crystal grids for animal healing in my book, The Ultimate Guide to Crystals. Click Here to purchase your copy!

How To Perform a Healing Session for Your Fur Baby

  1. Make sure to cleanse and charge your crystals, space, and self.
    If you are unfamiliar with how to do so, click here to read my blog on how to cleanse and charge your crystals.
  2. Create the environment that will allow them to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. You may want to turn on meditation music, play sound bowls, or anything else that helps them relax before you begin their session.
  3. Either choose the crystal(s) that you feel intuitively called to use for them or some animals do really well at choosing what crystal resonates with what they need, so allow them to do so. I will also have some crystal remedies at the end of this blog that can help guide you if you are unsure of where to begin.
  4. Set your intention with the crystals chosen.
  5. Gently place the crystals in the area of desired healing. It's important that they feel comfortable with what you're doing, so be gentle with this process and let them know that what you're doing is safe.
  6. Animals are more sensitive to crystal healing, so I only recommend 10-15 minutes, or until they signal to you that they are done. Some animals love the energy and some may feel uncomfortable with the process, just be mindful to what your fur baby is telling you.
  7. Once it's been 10-15 minutes or your fur baby signals to you that they are done, take off each crystal one-by-one. I typically feel a huge energy release in the areas I was working on where it may have been stagnant, there is now more flow or if there was tension, I now feel a sense of ease. This is a beautiful sign that the crystal has done its job.

3 Crystal Remedies for Your Animals

  • Anxiety or Stress Relief
    Crystals & Their Intention: 
    - Lepidolite: to restore the body back into balance and promote a balanced nervous system.
    - Black Tourmaline: to promote feeling safe and security.
    - Blue Lace Agate: to bring in peaceful energy, allowing them to feel calm.
  • To Use:
    Use the above as a guide on how to perform a session. Place the lepidolite on your animal's third-eye chakra, black tourmaline on their root, and blue lace agate on their throat chakra. Then begin the healing session.
  • Healing After an Injury
    Crystals & Their Intention: 
    - Lemurian: aid in a speedy recovery after surgery or injury promoting new energy flow and healing.
  • To Use:
    Use the above as a guide on how to perform a session. Place the lemurian on the area that has been affected, make sure the tip of the lemurian is pointing outwards from the body as this is going to promote the releasing of energy from the area that may be stagnant or have intense heat and promote new energy flow and aid in a quicker recovery.I used this remedy on my dog, Ruger, right after he had his accident where the his back two legs stopped working properly due to extreme arthritis causing nerve damage. My mother and I did a session on him where we did one leg and then the other. Before we began we could feel the areas that were stagnant and had intense heat with no energy flow. By the end of his session, not only could we feel a huge release of energy, along with some new flow, but he also began to walk a little better. This was only after one session. Make sure to keep up with whatever you are doing, it makes a huge difference over time. Within a week Ruger was walking so much better, whereas before his back legs weren't functioning at all.
  • Stomach Relief
    Crystals & Their Intention: 
    - Citrine: To support balance and healing for the digestive tract.
    - Aquamarine: To calm an upset stomach.
    - Blue Apatite: To help regulate a healthy and balanced appetite.
  • To Use:
    Use the above as a guide on how to perform a session. Place the citrine on your animals belly, the aquamarine on their throat chakra on the front side of their body, and the blue apatite on their third-eye chakra. Then begin the healing session.

I hope you find this blog helpful as you begin your journey with working with Animals and Crystals!

All the love,

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