Crystals for Beginners - Where Do I Begin?

Crystals for Beginners - Where Do I Begin?

Are you brand new to crystals?
Something I've always told others about crystals is you won't believe in crystals fully until you experience it.
For instance, I could believe that I am wealthy all day long, but it's not until I experience that promotion, bonus check, or extra income secured in my bank account that I would truly believe I am wealthy.
Same goes for crystals and whether or not you have an experience with them.

When it comes to crystals, as a beginner, I find it to be so important to understand how to use them to really get the most benefit from them. The first time I ever experienced crystals was during a reiki session. I was open and receptive to the idea of crystals, but at this time had never worked with them. I barely knew what amethyst was. During my session, she asked me if I wanted to add crystals to my session and without a doubt I replied yes. In the middle of the session, I had an out of body experience. The experience was so profound. Following that session, I wanted to know everything about crystals and it was through that open experience, I knew there was so much more to crystals than I'd ever known.

In this blog is guidance on how to work with crystals to get the most out of your experience!

I'm New To Crystals - Where Do I Begin?

1. Choosing Your Crystal

When it comes to selecting what crystal is right for you, always use your intuition.
When you are shopping be aware of which crystal really draws you in.
It may be a certain color, shape, or type of crystal.
If you have a specific intention that you desire, ask yourself what crystal matches that intention and I can almost guarantee that you will be drawn to the perfect crystal.

2. Steps To Take When Getting Your Crystal

(1) Cleanse & Charge It 

Regardless of where you purchased your crystal, it's important to make sure to cleanse and charge it.
You can do this by putting it in the sunlight, under a full moon, under water, place in a selenite bowl, pass through the smoke of sage or palo santo.

For more on how to cleanse and charge your crystals, click here.

(2) Attune to its Energy

By tuning into your crystals energy, you will be more intuitively guided as to when or when not to use it, when it needs to be cleansed or charged, and how it's affecting your energy and overall wellbeing.
While holding your crystal become aware of its energy.
How does it feel to touch?
How does it feel when it's on your body?
How does it make you feel?

(3) Set an Intention

Setting your intention is an important part to using your crystal.
By setting an intention you are programming the crystal while simultaneously programming yourself to focus on exactly what you want to manifest.

One way to set your intention with the crystal is by holding the crystal up to your third eye chakra level with both hands, close your eyes, and focus on the crystal. As you do, envision your intention and feel how that intention would make you feel. Your intention should always make you feel good!

(4) Place with Intention

Finally, place your crystal with intention. Whether that is in your home, on your body in a crystal layout, on a crystal grid, or on your body if you are wearing it as jewelry or a pocket stone.

For instance, if you just bought a large amethyst, you may intentionally place it in your living room of your home to welcome in the energy of warmth and positivity.

Or if you just bought a citrine bracelet, your intention may be to think, feel, and be more confident. You would then place the citrine on your wrist throughout your day to amplify that intention and energy. I also love jewelry, such as bracelets, because you are consistently reminded of your intention whenever you use your phone, laptop, etc.

For greater detail on this topic, you can learn more in chapter 2 of my book, The Ultimate Guide to Crystals, click here to purchase!

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