Moss Agate Meaning and Healing Properties

Moss Agate Meaning and Healing Properties

The first five words that come to mind when holding and feeling into the energy of Moss Agate are: New Beginnings, Balance, Transformation, Connection, and Abundance.

Story & How To Use:

Throughout this past year, I have gone through the greatest transformation and growth of my life! Not only that, but have expanded my mind to develop a greater understanding of who we are from a place of wholeness. During this time of transformation and change, I began to notice my intense attraction to moss agate. As I would become present, grounded, and still in Mother Nature, I would recognize her Being within Me. As I held my moss agate, I acquired so much presence, nourishment, wisdom, and channeled guidance that I had never received before. This I AM presence in my heart enabled me to perceive life through a whole new lens. Moss Agate helps you feel more present in the physical world, helps you understand your purpose in life, and propels you into new beginnings with excitement and ease. The web-like features of moss agate reminds you that there is no separation and to perceive life through the lens of One.

Moss Agate Meaning and Healing Properties

Zodiac Signs

This crystal works well with the following Zodiac signs.

Crystal Details


"I embrace change by stepping into the unknown with courage and confidence."

Crystal Pairings

Fluorite for mental stability, enhanced memory, and concentration. Petrified Wood or Kambaba Jasper for Balance and Presence. Citrine for stepping into new beginnings with courage and confidence.

Feng Shui

Moss Agate goes hand and hand with any space in your home where you feel most inspired to step into new beginnings. I believe this area can be any space in the home. I have felt inspiration for new beginnings while taking a shower, meditating in my bedroom at night, washing the dishes, or in my zen den. Listen to your intuition to which space is best for you!


Moss Agate using the following elemental properties: Earth

Healing Properties

  • Helps you embrace change and new beginnings with ease, excitement, and courage.
  • Facilitates connection from a place of wholeness to Mother Nature.
  • Opens your mind to perceive the world through the lens of One.
  • Promotes inner balance and stability.
  • Sparks positive energy and abundance.
  • Helps you feel more present and aware of the world around you.
  • Supports a healthy immune system and brain functioning.


This Crystal has the following Chakra properties: Heart, Root.

Intention: Love & Happiness

Love and happiness are one of the highest vibrations that you can feel while in your physical body. This selection of crystals will help you open and heal your heart to feel unconditional love towards yourself, others, and life.


MOHs Hardness:



Do not clean moss agate with household chemicals, however, cleaning with purified water is perfectly fine. You can keep the crystal out in the sun for a quick 5-10 minute cleanse or charge, however, since moss agate contains quartz, do not leave it out in direct sunlight for days as the color may begin to fade through time. When in doubt, use alternative methods like sage, sound bowls, or moonlight.

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