Rose Quartz Meaning & Healing Properties

Rose Quartz Meaning & Healing Properties

Story & How To Use:

Rose Quartz was one of the very first crystals I added to my collection and really connected to on a spiritual level. It’s also now the most abundant crystal I own in my collection. Rose Quartz is an amazing go-to crystal for anytime you are feeling down, lonely, sad, or in need of some extra love. Its energy is very gentle, which is perfect for sensitive souls (empaths, lightworkers, introverts), like myself. It can be used at all times of the day and in any room in the household to bring in an abundance of unconditional love into your life. If there was one crystal that encompassed the mission and energy behind what we stand for as Lovingthyselfrocks, it would hands down be Rose Quartz. If you are beginning your journey to loving yourself unconditionally, keep a Rose Quartz crystal on you at all times. Still to this day, I am either wearing rose quartz or have it near me because I always want to be vibrating at the highest vibration humanly possible and that is the vibration of unconditional love. 

Fun Fact: High quality rose quartz can have a 4-ray or 6-ray star that is seen when held in direct light. This star is due to needle-like inclusions of rutile that are aligned perpendicularly to the rays of the star.

Rose Quartz Meaning & Healing Properties

Zodiac Signs

This crystal works well with the following Zodiac signs.

Crystal Details


“Ilove myself unconditionally."

Crystal Pairings

Typically any pink crystal will pair really well with Rose Quartz to promote healing of the heart, compassion, and love. I have found morganite works extremely well with Rose Quartz when working through a heartache, grief, or forgiving others. If working on healing emotional or childhood trauma, I would highly suggest pairing Rose Quartz with Rhodochrosite

Feng Shui

Any Room! Rose Quartz is one of the few crystals that you can place in any room of your home to create a more loving, soothing environment. The only place I wouldn’t suggest placing your rose quartz is outside in your garden, unless you don’t mind it losing its precious deep pink color.


Rose Quartz using the following elemental properties: Water

Healing Properties

  • Immerses the mind, body, and soul with the vibration of unconditional love.
  • Helps strengthen and heal the physical heart.
  • Helps one overcome abuse, grief, and heartache.
  • Promotes forgiveness of oneself and others.
  • Increases feelings of compassion, joy, empathy, and kindness.
  • Instills healthy boundaries with others.
  • Supports healthy circulatory system, chest, lungs, reproductive organs, and skin.
  • Eases mid-life crisis.
  • Promotes emotional balance.
  • Can boost fertility.
  • Can attract romance and healthy relationships.


This Crystal has the following Chakra properties: Heart

Intention: Love & Happiness

Love and happiness are one of the highest vibrations that you can feel while in your physical body. This selection of crystals will help you open and heal your heart to feel unconditional love towards yourself, others, and life.


MOHs Hardness:



Do not leave out in prolonged sun exposure. It can cause the color in rose quartz to fade

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