Ruby Meaning and Healing Properties

Ruby Meaning and Healing Properties

The first five words that come to mind when holding and feeling into the energy of Ruby are: Passion, Vitality, Love, Courage, and Strength.

How To Use:

If wanting to attract a romantic partner into your life that is aligned with what you desire. You can create a crystal grid (see page 36-40 in my book, The Ultimate Guide to Crystals, for further guidance) to manifest a specific partner aligned with you. Or you can carry/wear ruby as jewelry with the intention of attracting the right romantic partner for you. You may notice throughout your day the Universe guides you to exactly the right person.

Ruby Meaning and Healing Properties

Zodiac Signs

This crystal works well with the following Zodiac signs.

Crystal Details


“I am worthy of a loving healthy relationship with a partner who loves me for me."

Crystal Pairings

Carnelian or Garnet for passion and lust with your romantic partner. Thulite for attracting a loving partner who is loves you for you. Pink Tourmaline for self-love. Tigers Eye for courage and strength. Orange Calcite or Carnelian for physical vitality and burning passion towards a love for life.

Feng Shui

Bedroom with the intention of boosting passion and romance with your partner. 


Amber using the following elemental properties: Earth & Fire

Healing Properties

  • Helps you express love inward towards yourself.
  • Can boost passion and lust for your romantic partner.
  • A stone of courage and strength, helping you become comfortable with the unknown.
  • Helps stimulate vitality, physical energy, and burning passion towards a love for life.
  • Promotes a healthy circulation and energy flow. 
  • Can help boost one's libido towards a romantic partner.


This Crystal has the following Chakra properties: Heart & Root

Intention: Protection & Grounding

Bad vibes are not welcome into your energy when you carry this selection of crystals with you. You will also feel grounded, safe, and present within your mind, body, and soul.

Intention: Love & Happiness

Love and happiness are one of the highest vibrations that you can feel while in your physical body. This selection of crystals will help you open and heal your heart to feel unconditional love towards yourself, others, and life.


MOHs Hardness:



Precautions: When choosing what method to use for charging or cleansing your crystals, sage, palo santo, sound bowls, and selenite are all great safe options.

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