Scolecite Meaning and Healing Properties

Scolecite Meaning and Healing Properties

Thefirst five wordsthat come to mind when holding and feeling into the energy of Scolecite are: Inner Peace, Spiritual Connection, Harmony, Soothing, and Awareness.

Story & How To Use:

My personal favorite way to use scolecite is when pairing it with stilbite. The intention I have when using the pair together is to invite a peaceful sleep with vivid dreams that are guiding me to what's next and new in my life. I find this combination to be very soothing, yet very high vibrational. If you are using this crystal combo, be very specific with the guidance you'd like to know in your dreams from your higher self, angels, or guides. Spend about 10 minutes or more meditating with scolecite in one hand and stilbite in the other. Allow yourself to feel connected and guided. You can also keep a journal next to you to write out your dreams! My guidance seems to always awaken me anywhere from 3-4 am, so I always be sure to write down what I saw or heard so I remember in the morning.

Scolecite Meaning and Healing Properties

Zodiac Signs

This crystal works well with the following Zodiac signs.

Crystal Details


"I am always guided to align with my highest self." 

Crystal Pairings

Stilbite for a good nights rest and guidance through your dream state. Howlite for inner peace and tranquility. Selenite for higher self-awareness. Celestite for connection to angels, your higher self, and spirit guides.

Feng Shui

Your Bedroom to bring in the intention and energy of inner peace, tranquility, and a good nights rest.


Scolecite using the following elemental properties: Wind and Ether (Spirit)

Healing Properties

  • Great for connecting you to angels, your higher self, and spirit guides.
  • Provides spiritual guidance to help you find your soul purpose in this lifetime.
  • Helps you stay balanced and calm when faced in difficult situations.
  • Promotes peace and harmony, while releasing stress and anxiety built up in the body.
  • Promotes a higher self-awareness.
  • Enhances your dream state and is great for lucid dreaming.
  • Supports healthy serotonin levels, to keep one happy and joyful throughout the day.


This Crystal has the following Chakra properties: Third Eye, Crown

Intention: Peace & Harmony

If you are feeling stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, anxious, or overcome by irrational fears, this collection of crystals will bring you back into the present moment allowing you to feel peace, relaxed, tranquility, and harmony.

Intention: Intuition & Spirituality

Through any part of your spiritual journey, this selection of crystals will help you awaken your intuition, spark creativity, ignite a spiritual awakening, and deepen your connection with your spiritual guides.


MOHs Hardness:



When choosing what method to cleanse or charge your crystal, the safest method would be sage, palo santo, selenite bowl, or sound bowls.

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