Shattuckite Meaning and Healing Properties

Shattuckite Meaning and Healing Properties

The first five words that come to mind when holding and feeling into the energy of Shattuckite are: Truth, Communication, Inner Peace, Intuition, and Mental Clarity.

Story & How To Use:

Known for its beauty and rarity, shattuckite has the most vibrant energy that helps awaken that inner voice inside of you to lead the way. When our mind feels chaotic or clouded, our intuition can feel its volume has been turned down. However, we really just need to become more centered and aware within ourselves to align with our inner voice and shattuckite helps us do so. In my life, I have noticed I am drawn to work with shattuckite when I am going through a large shift of transformation in who I am. Therefore, I have to be very aware and centered as I observe my thoughts pass by like a cloud and stay focused into who I am becoming. Shattuckite helps quiet the mind and stay centered within my intuitive guidance.

Hold a shattuckite cradled in the palm of both hands. Close your eyes and focus on the energy of the shattuckite. Ask it to show you your inner voice in a way that speaks to you most clearly. Stay present within and allow whatever arises to speak to you. You'll always know it's your intuition because it comes from a place of neutrality and no question. You just know. If nothing arises during that time, take shattuckite with your for the day in your pocket or bra. There may be person, place, or guidance that shows up throughout your day instead. Regardless of when, trust it. It's you and you always know what's best.

Shattuckite Meaning and Healing Properties

Zodiac Signs

This crystal works well with the following Zodiac signs.

Crystal Details


“I am listening and trusting the voice within."

Crystal Pairings

Charoite for Divine channeling work. Larimar for mental clarity and inner peace. Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst for listening and trusting your intuition. Blue Lace Agate for better communication with others.

Feng Shui

The Living Room holds the energy of warmth, relaxation, expression, wellness, and relationships. Shattuckite is perfect for the space of your living room as it brings in the energy of communication with others, allowing you to enjoy the warmth, joy, and love of the company with others while holding conversations that keep the energy light. The other space that would be great for your crystals is your Zen space. The area where you may do a meditation or write down visions for your future. Shattuckite is amazing for keeping near you during these times of listening to the inner guidance within and trusting that it will guide the way.


Shattuckite using the following elemental properties: Water

Healing Properties

  • Aids in quieting the mind and providing mental clarity.
  • Helps with Divine channeling work.
  • Helps you listen and trust your intuition, centering you back to your souls guided path.
  • Helps you awaken to your Truth.
  • Soothes the mind and body, bringing you back into alignment with inner peace.
  • Aids in mending relationships and forming better communication with others.
  • Supports a healthy thyroid and thymus gland.


This Crystal has the following Chakra properties: Throat, Third Eye, Heart

Intention: Peace & Harmony

If you are feeling stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, anxious, or overcome by irrational fears, this collection of crystals will bring you back into the present moment allowing you to feel peace, relaxed, tranquility, and harmony.

Intention: Intuition & Spirituality

Through any part of your spiritual journey, this selection of crystals will help you awaken your intuition, spark creativity, ignite a spiritual awakening, and deepen your connection with your spiritual guides.


MOHs Hardness:



Shattuckite is naturally a soft stone that can become brittle and break if left in the water. When choosing what method to cleanse or charge your crystal, try the sunlight or sound bowl methods.

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