Our Birth Story

Our Birth Story

Joel Carter - born June 19th - 9lbs 4oz - 21"

Before I begin with my story, I want to share my purest intentions for birth and this blog. Not everything will go as we plan, but I do feel that's the beauty of setting intentions and surrendering to the process. My intentions for our son was to have a natural birth. I will admit, at first it wasn't, I was definitely afraid. So much of what had been ingrained into my mind was how horrific birth was, but after having a conversation with my husband, he reminded me how incredible we are as woman and he knew that if I didn't at least try to give it my all, I would regret it. My intention for this blog is to remind woman how powerful you are! If you would like any guidance on helpful tips and tools I used throughout feel free to send me a direct email or DM through instagram. However, always know, your intuition is your greatest guide. 


 Our Birth Story 

   Baby Joel began his journey at the beginning of fathers day at 12AM. I was asleep for about an hour at this point and got woken up by water going all over the bed. I remember very peacefully and calmly tapping Joel to tell him my water broke. It's a very wild moment stepping into the unknown and this entire day was exactly that. I found it absolutely hilarious how much water really does come out during this stage of labor. I won't go into crazy detail, but at this point Joel was really wondering what he signed himself up for! I wasn’t experiencing any birthing waves (contractions), so I messaged our doula that I was just going to go back to bed and let her know if anything speeds up. 

The next day came and we tried everything under the sun to try and get my birthing waves more consistent and strong, but nothing was nudging. So that night after it had been 24 hours after my water broke, we headed to the hospital. Joel and I decided on a hospital birth for the intention of safety. As much as I would have loved to do a home birth, I just couldn't wrap my head around the "what ifs" and knowing I was at the hospital gave me that sense of being able to surrender. 

Three months leading up to our sons birth, one of the things I did to prepare was hypnobirthing. This was amazing during the actual time my birthing waves (contractions) started amping up. It helps reprogram your subconscious mind to beliefs about yourself and ability to give birth, and provides hypnosis during birth to “ride the wave” at the most peace and ease as possible. I believe if it wasn’t for hypnobirthing, I wouldn’t have had the positive experience that I did. 

When I arrived I was 3 cm dilated, but since nothing was really progressing I decided to have a small dosage of Pitocin. Within what felt like seconds after, my birthing waves begun. Very consistent and some what intense, but manageable. 5-6 hours went by and the nurse came in to check up on how far along I was. At this time I was only 4.5-5 cm dilated. To hear that it took me 5-6 hours to get to that point put so much doubt in my mind. I so badly wanted to “give up," but in the process of birth there is no giving up, you just have to keep going. My doula gave me a beautiful reassurance and talk about how every woman goes through this stage during labor and that I’ve got this. So for just a short bit we changed up my meditation music to change my energy and shortly after my belief in myself came back.

As the sun began to rise, I sensed that things were about to ramp up and they sure did. I’m in complete awe how the body is able to endure so much pain and so much love and joy all at the same time. The more I let go of resistance, observed, breathed, and allowed my subconscious mind to cue the word “PEACE” within me, the easier every birthing wave was and the less chance suffering had to enter the room. As the veil became closer to the time of our sons arrival, the intuitive voice within me got louder. I remember just feeling so intuitively directed even though I was in so much pain. There was an inner knowing that I’ve got this, just keep following the voice within.

Birth and motherhood was something I wanted to experience in this life and this portion of birth truly was something no one can ever prepare for. From what I had learned from others experiences, this portion was the part most mothers want to give up. I remember feeling like there is no way my body can keep going, yet while having this deep inner knowing that we were designed for this and that I've got this. This stage is known as the transition period. During this stage, my brain and body were so wiped, I went into a state where I was in my body, but what felt like I was just watching it happen. It was quite intense, but it was almost as if through the hypnosis work I did leading up to this day my state of consciousness was the observer. That's the best way I can explain it. From my husbands perspective he held my head as it looked like I was just sleeping through the most intense birthing waves (contractions) throughout birth. I believe this is where the hypnobirthing kicked in and my deep spiritual connection allowed me to surrender. 

Then it became time to meet baby Joel. It was time to push. I remember guiding everyone around me from the guidance within. There was exact positions I was meant to be in and I needed to just surrender. I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by the most amazing people who supported me in every way they could. Our bodies are truly incredible and this was something beyond words to witness. All the information was right there, within my body in knowing what to do, and within my soul on how to guide it. 

My husband will tell you this part of birth was the more traumatic part for him as he watched the doctor and nurse panic because his shoulder got stuck at the very end. Thankfully I didn't know that was happening because I may have resisted or even panicked myself. Within 8 minutes of pushing, our beautiful son was born. 

To have my husband right behind me on the hospital bed and our child in our arms was love like I’ve never known. Our child was born 9lbs 4oz and when the doctors announced that I did the biggest yell, “hell ya I just did that!” Baby Joel has given both Joel and I a whole new perspective, love, and purpose in this life. We feel so incredibly blessed to have him as a part of our family and that he chose us to be his parents! 

Throughout the entire day I feel blessed to have the love and support I did. Joel was so present with me the entire day, reminded me over and over that I've got this, and supported me in any way he can. Our doula Madeline was beyond amazing. I cannot imagine going through that journey without her. She always had new guidance to move baby Joel down and supported me in any way I needed it. The doctors and nurses were supportive of my childbirth wishes and were a huge blessing in helping baby Joel arrive safely!   

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