Self-Love Challenge

Self-Love Challenge

At Loving Thyself Rocks, we are more than just a crystal shop! We also embody self-love and loving yourself unconditionally.

When was the last time you said "I Love Myself?"

Did you know... It is clinically proven that many physical and health problems stem from self-hatred, self-abandonment, self-betrayal, to name a few. Even if you feel as if you DO love yourself, it is still always a good reminder to say it out loud.

We here at Loving Thyself Rocks CHALLENGE YOU to start loving yourself (more) by taking our 30 Day Self-Love Challenge because "Loving Thyself Rocks!"

How it works:

  • Begin each morning by looking yourself directly in the eyes in the mirror and verbally saying "I Love Myself" or "I Love You" our loud.
  • Repeat 10 times each morning for 30 days and watch your mind and body begin to feel unconditionally loved.

This challenge is a challenge for a reason! It can be quite hard at first. You may feel silly or just not emotionally ready to truly love yourself, but I promise you it gets easier. Eventually you won't just be saying it to say it, but you will actually be expressing it out of a place of love from your heart and not just your mouth. 

Joel and I both completely changed our lives from using this challenge and is why we are so incredibly passionate about sharing this challenge with you. You truly cannot fully love others without loving yourself first! When I told Joel to try the challenge he was reluctant at first. After just a few days I noticed a HUGE difference in his attitude towards everything! He would randomly begin to smile for no reason. The way he talked to strangers with a huge smile made me light up inside! We now both know every day what it's like to truly love ourselves from the inside-out and boy does it feel incredible! We hope that you try this challenge and share it with your loved ones!

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