20 Crystals for Manifesting Your Dreams

20 Crystals for Manifesting Your Dreams

Let me start off by saying this, you are always manifesting. Why? Because you are the creator of your life.
We are all creators. Everything you seek (wishes and desires) is already within you. All of the power and guidance is within you. I have seen throughout the years that when people hear the words manifest they associate it with wealth or a lover, but the truth is manifesting is creating the life you want. This comes in all forms dreams, health, wealth, abundance, joy, love, inner peace, a home, relationships, etc. Although I won't be able to go into great detail within this blog on how to manifest I can surely help you get you started and how to use crystals as a tool along your journey to create the life you desire. Who knows, maybe I'll write a book on it one day.

How To Begin To Manifest (Create The Life You Desire)

1. Ask yourself, who am I? This is both who you believe yourself to be and who you desire to be. You can begin in one area of your life that stands out the most; for instance wealth. What beliefs and feelings do you hold onto about yourself and your connection to wealth? What beliefs and feelings do you want to hold as your truth for wealth? This is where you begin the direction into which you're headed. The gps of your soul. This energy begins at the root chakra. The foundation of who you are.

Example: How You View Yourself Now: I am always unlucky when it comes to money. I am always having to work really hard to make any money come my way. I feel sick to my stomach knowing that I do everything I can just to survive.
How You View Yourself to Be: I am abundant in wealth and prosperity. I am generating wealth with ease and flow. I feel abundant knowing wealth is always coming to me in abundance.

2. Remember, you are the observer. Which means you are always observing the thoughts and feelings that you're experiencing, instead of BEING those thoughts and feelings. Your human experience gives you the totality of duality, while your being is you. As you begin to create the life you desire, old ways of being will stop to say hello whether that's limiting beliefs or emotional blocks that have been created through time and practice (this can be from your external environment, traumas, etc), so it's all it knows. This is where tools come in handy during this process of letting go of old versions of you, while simultaneously embracing the version of you that you're becoming. For this blog we will stick to crystals, but just note there are so many others tools to use along your journey in addition to, to add to your tool box! I have added some book references as well at the end of this blog.

3. Using Crystals To Manifest Your Dreamsone of my favorite ways to use crystals to help me manifest my future is through meditation. Crystals are an incredible tool to use to enhance your intentions for what you desire through the scientific process called entrainment and the law of resonance. Entrainment is when our body mimics the energy of the crystal and since the crystal has a perfect molecular blueprint it creates the perfect energy to bring your back into alignment with your wishes and desires. The Law of Resonance is when a vibrating system (in this case crystals) causes another system (you) to vibrate with an increased amplitude holding a specific frequency (more on this in my book, The Ultimate Guide to Crystals). So why is that important? As you resonate with specific crystals (crystals that really call your attention and energy), you can use that crystals energy to bring any subconscious ways of being (limiting beliefs, traumas, emotions, etc) to the surface to be healed. This will free old chains and patterns of the past and create more space and light for the freedom you desire for your future. I will tell you, moldavite did this for me in ways I would have never believed in a lifetime. It felt scary at first, but just know you're always guided towards a better version of you through this process!

How to: 
Step 1.
Grab a crystal that you most resonate with.
That can be any of the crystals I suggest below or one that you feel most called to! Trust your intuition, it knows best.

Step 2. Set your intention verbally and energetically with your crystal.
Using the example from above: I am abundant in wealth and prosperity. I am generating wealth with ease and flow. I feel abundant knowing wealth is always coming to me in abundance.

Step 3: Begin your meditation through visualization, feeling, and expanding that energy into your aura (quantum field). Creating the life you desire now, also known as generating The Law of Attraction.
Visualization: Imagine what your life would be like if you already had that life you desired. What would that look like?
Feeling: How would that feel?
Expansion: Expand that vision and feeling to feel so whole within you that it expands all around you, generating what you desire into the quantum field.
& Surrender! Stay in that energy throughout your day. Stay open to infinite possibilities. Trust me, once you begin to see synchronicities unravel, it'll give you the confidence to keep going and dream bigger in any aspect of your life.

Click Here for a guided meditation for wealth and abundance by myself, using pyrite and green aventurine.

Step 4: Take Soul Guided Action

Throughout your day, do your best to stay present and aware of all of the endless possibilities that could happen. Believe and know in your heart that whatever you desire is already here. Let say your desire is to create a life that is filled with more love. Your affirmation was: I am loving to others and myself. During your meditation you visualize who you could be more loving to, how that would feel, and surrendered that creation into the quantum field. Throughout your day, your soul will guide you on how you can be more loving. Whether that is giving your loved one hugs daily, ordering food for friends and family, or being more gentle with yourself when you mess up. Whatever that vision of love looked and felt like, it's important to not only create it through your meditations or I am affirmations, but to now put it into action. What's also important to note is this process isn't always comfortable at first because you're used to thinking and feeling in a certain way, so that's why staying present and taking action in the now is the way to see the change you desire. I personally love wearing crystal jewelry daily throughout my day to not only generate that energy throughout my day, but also as a beautiful reminder of who I am becoming. Below are 20 crystals that I have used in my life for manifesting and I hope you find them helpful as well.

5. Stay Consistent

As humans, we are experiencing time, which means, it does take time through consistent practice to manifest who you are becoming. As you see the change you so desire, you will gain more and more confidence to keep moving forward and generating the next desire!

20 Crystals for Manifesting Your Dreams 

(1) Moldavite - helps raise your vibrations quickly to speed up the manifestation and transformation process.
(2) Citrine - radiates high vibrational frequencies such as abundance, prosperity, and personal power.
(3) Libyan Desert Glass - encourages you to embrace your personal power and confidence to embrace the change to transform your life the way you desire.
(4) Pyrite - helps you attract wealth, abundance, and good luck, while giving you the courage to go after your dreams.
(5) Green Aventurine - opens your heart to be receptive of abundance, love, and prosperity.
(6) Herkimer Diamond - amplifies your intentions, while helping you remove any energetic cords or negative patterns tied to your past that is holding you back from moving forward.
(7) Clear Quartz - facilitates the manifestation process, while connecting to your higher power for direction and guidance along the way.
(8) Flower Agate - helps you manifest your dreams through transformation and blossoming into your best self.
(9) Epidote - helps you open your heart to releasing any emotional blocks shielding you from your future dreams and wishes.
(10) Moss Agate - can help you embrace new beginnings and release old patterns or limiting beliefs to help you manifest your wishes and desires.
(11) Amber - can guide you to your souls purpose in this life, helping you with direction and guidance.
(12) Honey Calcite - helps amplify your manifestations to achieve your souls purpose in this life.
(13) Carnelian - sparks imagination and creativity for future dreams and desires to manifest into your life.
(14) Lemurian - helps speed up your manifestations to come into fruition, as well as heal from any emotional trauma along the way.
(15) Rutilated Quartz - promotes self-expression and magnifies the energy of your intentions or affirmations for your future.
(16) Gold Sheen Obsidian - helps you attract abundance and guide you towards your life's purpose.
(17) Hematite - amazing grounding stone to pair with any high vibrational crystals (such as moldavite or citrine) to ground you into your body while elevating your frequency welcoming in new light and information.
(18) Labradorite - helps you release any limiting beliefs that are playing a program in your subconscious mind, so you can manifest more of what you desire.
(19) Azurite - to illuminate your vision of the future.
(20) Sugilite - expands your mind to endless opportunities.

To learn more about crystals for manifestation and how to use them, click here to purchase my book, The Ultimate Guide to Crystals!

Some incredible books I have read and learned from over the years on manifesting are:
(1) E2 and E3 by Pam Grout
(2) Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza
(3) Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein
(4) Honeymoon Affect by Bruce Lipton
(5) The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
(6) You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
and a special thank you to my dear friend, Milton Howard who has help taught me more about understanding who I am than I ever imagined possible.

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