Crystals For The 6 Clair's - Strengthening Your Intuition With These Crystals

Crystals For The 6 Clair's - Strengthening Your Intuition With These Crystals

There are 6 Clair's that I truly believe we all have. However, these psychic gifts may be stronger in certain senses.
Personally, I receive most of my information through an inner knowing, which is known as claircognizant. Throughout my human journey I have awakened all 6 of my Clair's through practice and awareness. This has really helped me feel more guided and aligned with my higher self at all times. There are amazing crystals that can help enhance these gifts to allow you to feel and trust that guidance within. Below I will explain in detail the 6 Clair's and Crystals that help strengthen your psychic gifts!

What Type of Intuitive Are You?

1. Clairvoyant 
Clair (Clear) Voyant (Seeing)

Clairvoyants are those that experience clear seeing.
You may see people's auric fields, see vivid dreams, a vivid vision of a place, event, or person to go see.
You are usually very imaginative and creative.

I personally experience my clear seeing through visions during my meditations. I can see the vision of my future and what exactly it looks like, almost appears as a painting. I can see my own energy field and colors within my body. There's truly so many ways one can experience clear seeing and as you practice and observe you'll notice these senses a lot more!

2. Claircognizant
Clair (Clear) Cognizant (Knowing)

Claircognizant are those that experience clear knowing.
You may experience this inner knowing through being spontaneous by knowing where to go or who to see at any given moment.
You may receive answers without any context, typically a simple "yes or no."
Typically you are full of limitless ideas and can pick up skills easily.
If you've experienced deja vu, this is also an inner knowing that cannot be explained.

I personally experience my clear knowing throughout my entire day. If I am unsure of something I ask and wait to know the answer. My response to people is "I'm not sure why, but I just know." The more I trust my inner knowing the more I feel aligned and guided. I have learned to understand if it's my inner knowing or a program by the definitive answer I get and not "what if" scenarios or fears of the past. Following this inner knowing is always what sets me free. One of my favorite knowings is how I met my husband. Ever since I was really little I was always told that I would date the love of my life for a year and that's how I would know he was the one I came here to meet and be with for the rest of my life. I would date people for 1 month at maximum and when I met my husband it was different. Everything about him was what my entire soul knew was the one for me. My husband will tell you the day he met me he knew I was the one. I was only 18, so being so young and having made it to the year mark with him scared me, yet I knew he was the one. We have been together for 10 years now, married for almost 4, and a precious baby boy on the way. Later on we found out we indeed chose each other in this life and we are twin flames, but I didn't know this information until years later. I did however trust that inner knowing and that's the most beautiful thing you can do in this human journey even when it feels so unknown.

3. Clairaudient
Clair (Clear) Audient (Hearing)

Clairaudient are those that experience clear hearing.
You may experience hearing messages through voices from your angels, spirit guides, or higher self.
You may receive messages through songs that only you can hear and interpret.
Typically those who are clairaudient can communicate with animals.
You may hear buzzing or ringing in your ears.

I personally experience my clear hearing through music. Ever since I was little I would hear music that no one else could hear, loudly too, as if I was playing it on my headphones. I didn't understand it at the time or have anyone else who I surrounded myself with to understand it either, so I shut it down for many years. Within the past couple of years I have reawakened that beautiful psychic gift within me and always hear music anytime I am unsure of a decision I need to make or the unknown I am walking into. I will hear it, sing it, and immediately smile because it's always the message I needed to hear.

4. Clairsentient
Clair (Clear) Sentient (Feeling)

Clairsentient are those that experience clear feeling.
You may experience goosebumps for what feels like "no logical reason."
You tend to be more sensitive to your environment, those around you, or certain energies in your home or others.
Ironically, you love to experience things instead of discussing about them or reading about them. You may enjoy discussing about them after the experience.
You may have strong gut feelings.

I personally experience this sense throughout almost any given day. I can sense when the energy of our home is stagnant, stuck, off, etc. I absolutely love using palo santo or sage throughout our house daily for this reason. I typically buy new things because I sense the energy of the previous owner. I have found it to be very beneficial to live extremely intentionally with everything I do because of this sense. It empowers me to have my outer world be a reflection of my inner world.

5. Clairalient
Clair (Clear) Alient (Smelling)

Clairalient are those that experience clear smelling
You may smell a specific scent that you recognize in a loved one who has passed away.
You may smell things that no one else around you is, giving you the guidance you needed.

I personally have experienced strong scents of things that weren't around me at the time. Although I am not always sure the "why" I know it's guiding me through a loved one who is near or even an experience I am meant to take on. Out of all of the senses, this is the one I experience the least, however, some may experience this as their primary! Embrace it, it's a beautiful gift.

6. Clairgustant
Clair (Clear) Gustant (Taste)

Clairgustant are those that experience clear taste.
You may taste something in your mouth, without having put anything in your mouth.
This "taste" may signal a memory, a sign from your loved one who has passed, or guidance from your spirit guides.

I personally experience this sense through guidance of what my body needs. I may "taste" fresh air, which tells me it's time to enjoy time outside in nature or I may "taste" something that sparks a memory as a child, reminding me to do something fun or creative that my inner child would find so much joy in.

Crystals To Strengthen Your Intuition:

Spend about 10 minutes or more a day in meditation to connect within using any of the crystals suggested below! You can place them on your third-eye, crown chakra, or hold the crystal in your hand. Always listen to your intuition first when it comes to which crystal is best for you and where to place it.

What type of intuitive are you?

I hope you enjoyed learning about each one of the Clair's and crystals that help strengthen your intuition!

For more on each clair, crystal, how to tune in into your energy, tools in understanding when your energy may be out of alignment, click here to purchase my book: The Ultimate Guide to Crystals.

All the Love,
Certified Advanced Crystal Practitioner 

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