Crystals, Remedies, and Guidance for a Good Nights Sleep

Crystals, Remedies, and Guidance for a Good Nights Sleep

Growing up I was the child that could sleep through anything; someone vacuuming, a family gathering, car rides, you name it and I was completely asleep regardless of my external environment. I also chose that if anytime of day I wanted to sleep, I would. So my parents would find me in the most random places like under the dinning room table, under the toilet with my butt in the air, and under the bed. As I got older, I still slept well through the night, it just became more of a challenge to fall asleep. That was until I created better habits before I went to bed! As you may know, how well and how much you sleep at night plays a large roll in your overall health, happiness, brain function, energy levels, and so much more. To get a good nights rest sets your day up for success before you even begin. If you're someone who may have a hard time falling asleep at night below are better habits, remedies, and crystals that I have done for some time now and fall asleep immediately after I finish my routine.

Remedies For Better Sleep

  1. Meditation
    Meditation is the practice of being mindful and fully aware of the present moment. You begin to tune out of your external world and tune into your internal world. I have been practicing meditation for years and I will tell you no two meditations are the same, but after every single one of them after you open your eyes you feel more present, centered, grounded, aware, and aligned with who you are. If you are new to meditation begin with at least 3 minutes. If you have meditated before, use your intuition to guide what meditation is best for you! Depending on the night, I will do anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour. I also highly suggest giving yoga nidra a try. In Sanskrit yoga nidra means "Yogic Sleep."  In this state, your mind and body are at rest while you are fully conscious.

Click Here for my free guided meditation for a better nights rest! You'll need the following crystals: lepidolite and shungite.

2. Yoga 

Yoga in Sanskrit means "union," union of the mind, body, and spirit. It can help lower your blood pressure, slow your heart rate, support a healthy circulation, detoxify the body, encourage cell regeneration, and support a healthy immune system. Even 10-20 minutes of consistent bed time yoga can make a huge difference in your overall well-being and promote a good nights rest.

There are many great night time yoga options available for free on youtube!

3. Crystals 

Crystals are an incredible tool to use alongside your night time routine, as long as you are using the correct crystals! You want the crystals that work in harmony with what your body needs. I use crystals during my meditation and to sleep with to promote a deeper and peaceful nights rest.

20 Crystals For Restful Sleep: 

(1) Lepidolite - promotes peace and harmony, allowing the nervous system to rest.
(2) Shungite - helps release any excess or stuck negative energy that was stored throughout your day.
(3) Angelite - helps calm the mind and promotes a peaceful nights rest provided by angels.
(4) Nephrite Jade - supports a balanced nervous system to help induce a good nights rest.
(5) Prehnite - can alleviate night terrors, nightmares, and unwanted fears.
(6) Blue Lace Agate - supports a good nights rest.
(7) Celestite - brings inner peace, stillness, and harmony to the body for a good nights rest. Great for children.
(8) Blue Chalcedony - promotes a deep sleep.
(9) Amethyst - promotes harmony, inner peace, and nervous system support for a restful sleep.
(10) Rose Quartz - immerses your body in unconditional love, which allows you to feel whole, safe, and loved before closing your eyes to go to bed at night.
(11) Sugilite - helps with all sleeping disorders such as: insomnia and night terrors.
(12) Iolite - helps you fall asleep at night.
(13) Eudialyte - helps you become more present and loving to your physical body to feel at peace and whole before you close your eyes to go to bed.
(14) Flower Agate - can ease restlessness, promoting a peaceful nights rest.
(15) Black Onyx - helps release any excess energy, to promote balance and order before falling asleep.
(16) Scolecite - promotes a deep sleep and recharge for the following day.
(17) Tigers Eye - helps with all sleeping disorders such as: insomnia, nightmares, and night terrors.
(18) Sodalite - helps reduce insomnia and promote a deep sleep.
(19) Pink Amethyst - promotes a peaceful nights rest.
(20) Super 7 - helps with all sleeping disorders such as: insomnia and night terrors.

For more on crystals, click here to purchase my book, The Ultimate Guide to Crystals!

4. Gratitude Journal 

Honestly any type of journal is beautiful to use, but I have found a gratitude journal is an all in one. A place where you can take the time to speak from your heart space of all the things, people, places, events, miracles, little things, big things, hard lessons, you name it and find gratitude and love for it all.

"Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. It's the gateway to unconditional love and openness in your heart. It's the realization that everything in life is beautiful just as it is. Gratitude immediately changes your perception from a state of sadness or fear to creation, understanding, and presence. Being grateful is a way of life." - Rachel Hancock

If you are local to Orlando, Florida we have a beautiful selection of journals to choose from at our storefront!
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5. Essential Oils 

You can breathe in the oil or use a roll-on that is diluted with the essential oil to put directly on your skin.
Make sure you are using a company that has reliable resources like lab-testings to prove their oils are 100% all natural. I personally use Plant Guru and it's the company we use to sell at our storefront, Lovingthyselfrocks, as well. I have used Doterra and Young Living in the past and both of their essential oils are lovely as well.

(1)Lavender Oil - used to promote deep sleep, calming the nervous system, and inner peace.
(2)Rose Oil - awakening and balancing the heart chakra, allowing you to be more present within your body instead of following a racing mind before bed.
(3)Ylang Ylang - helps lower blood pressure and a racing heart.
(4)Peppermint Oil - can help you breathe more clearly by opening up your nasal passageways and helps clear your head.
(5) Sandalwood Oil - can help balance your mood.

For more: click here

6. Consistency 

Consistency is the key to see amazing results! Whatever night time routine you choose that is best for you, be sure to stay consistent with it. You'll notice you enjoy night time a lot more and your daytime will have you feeling much more energized and present as well.

Knowledge is power, but experience is where you see the change you so seek. <3

I hope this helps you, just as it's helped me.
I love you,

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