10 Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings

10 Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings

Have you been attracted to a certain crystal shape lately? Or maybe have the urge to work with a certain crystal shape and don't know why? Below, I will explain the basic 10 crystal shapes, their energy, and how to work with them.

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1. Raw

Shape: Typically rough, but some raw crystals have natural points, double terminations, or clusters with them.
Energy: The energy is typically highly vibrational, as they are directly mined from mother nature.
How to Use: Depending on the size, small raw crystals, like the pyrite shown above, are great for keeping in your pocket throughout the day. The larger the piece the more you will use them with intention in a space of your home. Smaller pieces are also great for grid work.

2. Tumbled

Shape: A rock that has been placed in a rock tumbler for an extended period of time.
Energy: Very gentle and soothing.
How to Use: The perfect beginner stone. Great for keeping in your pocket or bra throughout the day, using during travel, a crystal grid, or meditation.

3. Sphere

Shape: A crystal that has been cut into a perfectly symmetrical spherical shape.
Energy: Emits energy equally out in all directions, giving out a soothing and whole energy.
Sacred Geometry: Balance, Equality, Oneness, Wholeness, and Cycles of Life
How To Use: During a meditation in your hands or during a massage to move stuck or stagnant energy.


4. Point

Shape: A flat bottom with faceted sides that join into a perfect point at the top.
Energy: The energy flow from the bottom to the point, when using points you can direct the flow of energy that you desire.
How to Use: In the center of your crystal grid, or during a healing session by intentionally directing the flow of energy by either facing the point toward to bring in healing energy or away from you to remove any excess or unwanted energy.

5. Double-Terminated Point

Shape: Perfect points at two terminated ends of the crystal. This can be carved into this shape or form naturally like in herkimer diamonds.
Energy: Receives energy from one side and released energy from the other.
How to Use: They can be used to provide consistent energy flow on the body, maintaining high energetic vibrations, or bringing your chakras into alignment.

6. Freeform

Shape: A flat bottom with an irregular round formation at the top.
Energy: Gentle, soothing energy.
How to Use: Place in a space of your home with intention. You can also use freeforms as the center piece of your altar or crystal grid.

7. Worry

Shape: Similar in shape as a palm stone, where it is smooth all the way around but on one side has an indention for your thumb.
Energy: A soft, soothing, peaceful, gentle energy.
How to Use: When placing pressure on the exact area of your thumb, you are using the massage technique called reflexology to help bring your pituitary gland back into balance. Keeping a worry stone on you at all times is very beneficial to release worry, stress, or anxiety and become more present in the body and moment.

8. Heart

Shape: A crystal that has been cut into a heart shape.
Energy: love, compassion, empathy, and connection.
How to Use: Heart shaped crystals can be used in any area of your life: pocket, bra, home, crystal grid, altar, and more! It holds the beautiful energy of love and radiates it to resonate with your energy.

9. Palm

Shape: A flat, smooth crystal that is carved into an oval or circular shape.
Energy: Emits energy starting from the center of the crystal and flowing outwardly in every direction.
How to Use: Palm stones get their name from how to use them! They are designed to fit into the palm of your hand. You can use them during meditation, as you are relaxing on the couch or before bed, or on a crystal layout on your body.

10. Pyramid

Shape: A flat base with four carved equal sides of equal length.
Energy: Pyramids have fascinated humans since ancient civilization and are a sacred shape that is known to amplify energies. The base provides grounding for your intentions, while the pivotal point sends out your intentions to the universe.
How to Use: Place in the center of your crystal grid to amplify your intention and energy. It can also be used during meditation, distance healing, and to create the energy your desire in your home.


To learn more on crystal shapes and their meanings, click here to purchase my book: The Ultimate Guide to Crystals.

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