Crystals and Guidance for Boosting Your Confidence

Crystals and Guidance for Boosting Your Confidence

Confidence takes practice.
Think about a time, place, something you do daily, or an accomplishment where you now almost do it unconsciously with confidence where you didn't before.

The first thing that comes to my mind that we all have in common is DRIVING! At first, you may feel nervous, scared, or anxious because you are stepping into the unknown. You may have observed others around you driving all of your life, but when it hits that age to step in and take the drivers seat yourself a lot of fear may arise. As we learn, step into our power, and practice day by day driving, we get more and more confident doing so. I remember when I was learning how to drive, I was so grateful and excited. It was the next step of being an adult and stepping into my own personal freedom. However, the first time I went to go on a big highway I completely froze and let my fear take over my confidence. I stopped, went home, and told myself I would do it again the next day. Surely enough, I did. As humans, we are always moving forward. It's how we have evolved for millions of years.

This state of of being: confident, plays a large role in every aspect of what's next and new for you. Your soul always wants you to move forward, grow, evolve, and change. It's the HOW that has helped me through navigating the unknown to stay more present in the moment, embrace all of my feelings through the process, and step into my power to feel more confident in what's next and new for me. I hope these tips can help you do the same.

Guidance to Feeling More Confident: 

  1. It's Safe to Feel it All 
    If you would have told me this advice years ago, I would have immediately ran from you. Feeling happy is easy, however feeling love was not to me. It kept me feeling trapped and eventually caught up with me where I had panic attacks daily until I learned how incredibly beautiful it is to feel love for yourself and others because you are love. This goes for every feeling, happy, sad, hurt, love, fear, etc. Emotions are energy in motion, which means as they come, allow them to flow and do your best not to attach to them while being present. Knowing this in itself I hope gives you the confidence and courage to do whatever your heart desires. Whatever vision you have for your beautiful future that's within you, know that you're safe to feel it all.
  2. Keep Going
    Even if you aren't where you want to be, keep going. Because as soon as you get to where you vision yourself to be, you'll feel so confident that you'll be ready for what's next and new in complete confidence. Through the lowest moments of my life I asked myself one question, what would it look like one year from now if I stayed consistent? It's easy to want to give up after one day of trying but imagine what your life would be if you stayed consistent in whatever you're trying to achieve for the next year. Let me tell you what, you'll start experience confidence like you never knew existed and that state of confidence will give you the confidence to move forward onto what's next and new for you. Being a human is a beautiful journey, one that is very unpredictable, however through every step of listening to your soul, your body will listen and follow in its direction. So keep going, you've got this.
  3. Journal
    Write your heart and soul on a piece of paper. This is where ideas and inspiration start to flow, emotions can be poured out, and gratitude seeps in. You'll begin to see how incredible you truly are which allows you to gain more and more confidence through your journey. I personally journal every night and keep a section in my notes as well when I'm on the go.
  4. Meditate
    Meditation is something that takes practice, however, it's an incredible way to silence the mind and become still and present. I love using meditation to set an intention (ex: to gain more confidence) using visualization and then bringing that intention towards you through feeling what it would feel like to already experience that state of intention (in this case feeling confident) and then finally surrendering that intention to the universe and allowing that energy to flow.I have a lovely meditation right here for gaining more confidence! 
  5. Using Crystals with Intention
    Crystals are an incredible way to enhance your intentions through a scientific process called entrainment. During entrainment our body mimics the energy of the crystals perfect crystalline structure to produce more balance and order based on the crystals energy. To learn more about your crystalline body, click here to purchase my book, The Ultimate Guide to Crystals!Confidence is located primarily within your Solar Plexus Chakra. It's where you're capable of embracing the power within, feeling confident and courageous, and letting go of old ways of being.10 Crystals for Confidence:
    (1) Citrine - to boost self-confidence
    (2) Libyan Desert Glass - amplify your intentions and embrace the power within
    (3) Rose Quartz - to feel unconditional love and acceptance for exactly who you are
    (4) Sunstone - to feel joyful
    (5) Sardonyx - to enhance confidence and honesty within yourself
    (6) Amethyst - to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself
    (7) Amber - to release unwanted fears preventing you from embracing what's new and next
    (8) Bumblebee Jasper - to release any self doubts
    (9) Prehnite - to help declutter your mind
    (10) Black Obsidian - to help you feel empowered to take control and responsibility for your own life

I hope these simple, yet effect tools help you to gain confidence in whatever you're embracing for what's next and new in your life.

I love you,

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