Generating, Creating, and Attracting Abundance Using Crystals

Generating, Creating, and Attracting Abundance Using Crystals

Abundance is an inside job that translates and manifests externally into the beautiful physical reality. To me, abundance means wholeness. To be abundant is to feel so whole and complete in every aspect of your life internally and externally. This means abundant in energy, vitality, health, happiness, financial freedom, love, peace, food, water, and everything you really can expand your mind to be abundant in! In times where we don't feel abundant is where we seek or feel any separation or lack. You may notice your conscious desires as "I want this.." or "I wish I had what they had.." In a physical world, lack can happen often because what we vision we want, we immediately can see that we don't have it. But the good news is, as we practice being abundant, we in turn, attract abundance daily in every aspect of out lives. The beautiful thing about adding crystals into our practice of generating and attracting abundance is it works with our energy to not only keep our body more in harmony, but also to send and receive signals out into the universe for our deepest wishes and desires.

So How Do We Generate, Create, and Attract Abundance? 

First: Write out your vision. 

What do you want to attract more abundance into your life?
This could be energy, vitality, love, wealth, and so much more.
What aspect of your life would you like to feel more whole?
Pick one thing to focus on and be as specific as possible.

Use I am affirmations.
I am affirmations begin to spark this incredible magnetic energy that begins at your heart space. It tells the universe who you are.

Example: I am abundant in energy and vitality. I am consciously moving my body daily with yoga or a long walk. I am waking up feeling so whole and complete and carrying that energy throughout my entire day.

Second: Do The Inner Work. 

If you want to generate, create, and attract abundance in your physical reality, it all begins from within.
I personally meditate every single morning before I get out of bed and before I go to bed at night. This helps me not only feel whole internally, but also sets the intention for the day. I use crystals as well during my meditations.

I have a lovely meditation to assist you in attracting abundance into your life right here. 

There are so many different modalities if meditation doesn't work for you! Ask the universe to show you a sign on which modality is best for you.

Some others modalities (besides crystals): sound bowls, tuning forks, Dr Joe Dispenza's meditations, breath work, kundalini yoga, yoga nidra, and reiki. Do what ever makes YOU feel good!

Third: Choose Your Crystal.

As you wake up and set your intention for abundance for the day, intuitively choose a crystal to match that frequency. As mentioned early, the crystal you choose not only helps keep your body in harmony, but also to sends and receives signals out into the universe for our deepest wishes and desires.

Shop Crystals for Abundance:
- Citrine
- Golden Healer
- Libyan Desert Glass 
- Green Aventurine 
- Clear Quartz 
- Emerald
- Gold Sheen Obsidian 
- Green Tourmaline

For learning more on crystals for abundance, click here to purchase my book: The Ultimate Guide to Crystals!

Fourth: Consistency. 

This is one of the biggest life lessons I have had to learn so far and that is the power of consistency. In order to begin to see change in your life, you must change from within. With change comes consistency. A burning hearts desire to wake up and live every moment in abundance, even if your external world isn't showing you the same outcome. It takes practice every single day and with practice comes manifestations into fruition.

Fifth: Surrender & Stay Present.

As you go throughout your day surrender to infinite possibilities to fall into your hands, while staying present in each and every moment. Notice synchronicities and signs from the universe. My personal favorite are angel numbers like 11:11 or 55:55 and animals that make a special appearance into my awareness. The more you are aware the more you will recognize more miracles to show up into your life. Allow space in your heart for gratitude for every miracle that does show up in your life.

I hope this helps you generate, create, and attract the abundance you are seeking in your life.
I love you,

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